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Archive for the Month of February, 2006.
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February 1, 2006

Targeting civilians - Israel has targeted far more civilians than Hamas, and the United States is the current undisputed world champion in targeting civilians. Hypocrisy is the playground of the powerful.

Hamas: Trump Card for Ethnic Cleansing - ...the election of Hamas is a godsend for Zionist settlers who need a never-ending cycle of violence in order to perpetuate their colonialist project of an Ashkenazi state planted in the middle of the Islamic world. Now, with the war criminal Ariel Sharon slumbering in a coma, the Israeli government has decided to crank up the heat, using the so-called election of Hamas as an excuse.

Haiti: the forgotten occupation - Few people...believe the elections hold out any hope for an improvement to the desperately miserable lives of the bulk of the population. None of the contending parties or candidates offer a programme that would reverse the damage done by following the neo-liberal plan, nor relieve the phenomenal wealth inequalities and exploitation that characterise Haitian society.

February 2, 2006

Battle Plans for Iran - Those who doubt that the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld team will attack Iran, while so conspicuously overextended in Iraq, are ignoring the subtleties of the administration’s Middle East strategy.

February 3, 2006

New secret commando unit in works - ...the creation of a special operations regiment has the Canadian Forces following in the footsteps of other militaries that discovered in recent years a need for a multi-tasking specialized unit that can provide muscle in missions abroad...

Bush/Blair War Provocation Memo Sends Warning To Iran - ...revelations that Tony Blair and George W. Bush debated staging an act of provocation to goad Saddam Hussein into war sends a very clear warning as to how a pretext for a conflict with Iran could be manufactured.

Rumsfeld likens Chavez to Hitler - The United States has expelled a Venezuelan diplomat a day after Donald Rumsfeld, the US defence secretary, compared Hugo Chavez to Adolf Hitler.

A Parliament of Prisoners: 15 Prisoners Have Been Elected to the Palestinian Parliament - Prisoners and the prisoner issue play a major role in Palestinian politics. Palestinians are proportionally one of the most detained nations on earth.

Confirmed: Israelis kill 15-year-old inside Lebanon - "The autopsy showed that Rahil was shot from about 50 meters' distance, and his body was found 700 meters away from border line on the Lebanese side..."

UK Considers Weakening War Crimes Law - I am not sure if this change would eliminate war crimes laws altogether, or just for Israelis.

February 4, 2006

Rumsfeld and Negroponte Amp Up Attacks on Chavez - Increaseing US Hostillity Toward Venezuela

President Bonkers Bolton - Why is President Bush hell-bent on getting Iran’s alleged violations referred to the UN Security Council before March? Perhaps it’s because John Bolton is President of the Security Council this month.

Oil Sands Frenzy in Canada: Black Gold, Black Death - Record profits coupled with little or new regulation on an industry gone venally berserk and it's off to the races once again in Canada as far as natural resources versus the health of the environment are concerned. This time the triggering mechanism is the tremendous oil reserve contained in Canada's oil sands (or tar sands if you're a traditionalist) deposits. Fueled by the US's insatiable desire for gasoline, and its historical dependence on Canada, the current boom is only expected to escalate in profit-taking frenzy.

Democracy, Hypocrisy, and U.S. Foreign Policy - It is truly fascinating that U.S. officials are simply oblivious to how much they are disliked around the world. They seem to have this quaint notion that they are loved everywhere or that the problem is simply a PR one, which they think they can cure if they can just "get their message out." They don’t realize that the more they get their message out, they more they are disliked by people everywhere.

The hidden stakes in the Iran crisis - At the end of this operation, Washington should have complete control over the world’s main hydrocarbon production and reserves. It will control the world economy without the need to share power.

February 5, 2006

Neo-cons use Denmark as their latest tool to bring about the "Clash of Civilizations." - ...Rasmussen, like Sarkozy, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Netanyahu, Jack Straw, and Australia's John Howard, is marching to the martial music of the neo-cons. They are the shock troops for the Clash of Civilizations, Project for a New American Century, The Long War, A Clean Break, and all the other neo-con plots, conspiracies, and contrivances.

How repulsive is U.S. "foreign policy"? - This repulsive...

Chavez says Bush worse than Hitler - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez told a rally of thousands of supporters on Saturday that U.S. President George W. Bush was worse than Hitler and vowed to buy more arms to defend his nation as their diplomatic relations deteriorated.

Does Britain's new weapon break Geneva Convention? - Britain is to spend around £50m on a new shoulder-fired "bunker-buster" to bolster the infantry's street-fighting capability. The new weapon fires grenades able to punch through reinforced concrete from a distance of around 550 yards.

Iran to pay "heavy price" for nuclear weapon ambition: Israel - The IAEA, the UN's nuclear watchdog, decided on Monday to report Iran's nuclear program to the Security Council, which might lead to sanctions.

February 6, 2006

Burning Down Danish Embassies: More Straussian Psychological Warfare? - ...there was no shortage of Danish flags to burn. "I raise the question because, as soon as the row about the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in Jyllands-Posten broke, angry Muslims popped up in Gaza City, and many other places, well supplied with Danish flags ready to burn…. Why were those Danish flags to hand? Who built up the stockpile so that they could be quickly dragged out right across the Muslim world and burnt where television cameras would come and look? The more you study this story of "spontaneous" Muslim rage, the odder it seems."

US bullies IAEA into reporting Iran to the UN Security Council - To state the obvious, "the world" did not have any say in the matter. Tens of millions of people around the globe, who opposed and continue to oppose the illegal US-led occupation of Iraq, are no doubt looking on in apprehension as Washington once again seizes on unproven allegations concerning "weapons of mass destruction" to threaten economic sanctions and possibly military action against Iran.

Let's Rewrite History - A Proposal for an Investigation

Danish cartoon conspiracy - Although they deny it, the conspiracy clearly flows through a whole series of like-minded European editors, all of whom should be given a blood test to check for Zionism.

February 7, 2006

Police set for database of "innocent" DNA samples - Scottish police forces will be able to build up a database of DNA samples from people who have never been convicted of a crime under plans set to be approved by the Executive within weeks.

A Berlusconi victory would be as damaging as was Bush's - In typically vulgar style, Silvio Berlusconi committed himself last week to sexual abstinence until the Italian general election on April 9. Unfortunately, Mrs Berlusconi's well-earned break promises to come at the expense of European politics. For a determined Berlusconi could well win himself another term in office.

Indian Water Activists Launch Anti-Privatization Campaign - Water activists and non governmental organizations in north and central India have joined hands to fight water privatization initiatives by Indian state governments, oppose World Bank funding, discourage the $200 billion river-linking project, encourage conservation and provide for alternative water policies.

Buildup to World War III - Objective: Seize oil fields and destroy military in Arabic countries.

Bilderberg Connection To Muslim Riots - ... Anders has been among the attendees at the last five meetings of the Bilderberger gathering...

DIANA CRASH "CAUSED BY LASER BEAM" - Diana Death Investigator's Computer Stolen

Chaos, fraud claims mar Haiti election - Throngs of voters, including many of Haiti's poorest forced to wait hours to cast their ballots, jammed polling centers on Tuesday in the chaotic Caribbean nation's first election since Jean-Bertrand Aristide was deposed two years ago.

Flemming Rose and the Straussian Art of Provocation - ...the neocon operative behind the cartoon scheme is Flemming Rose, cultural editor of Jyllands-Posten, who has "has clear ties to the Zionist Neo-Cons."

February 8, 2006

CNN VIDEO: UN had foreknowledge of Beirut cartoon riot - ...where does one suddenly get thousands of Denmark's flags in Lebanon? It is quote curious.

Juggernaut Gathering Momentum, Headed for Iran - by Ray McGovern - What President George W. Bush, FOX news, and the Washington Times were saying about Iraq three years ago they are now saying about Iran.

New Evidence Suggests Muslim Riots Are Staged Psyop - ...the riots were a manufactured psychological operation on the part of the US in an attempt to enlist hardened EU support for a military strike against Iran.

Israel unveils plan to encircle Palestinian state - If the Jewish state were to annex all of the Jordan Valley, which is dotted with small settlements, it would leave a future Palestinian state on the West Bank entirely surrounded by Israel and without a direct link to neighbouring countries.

"The Devil Wears Prada:" María Corina Machado and Washington’s Indecent Game Against Venezuela - As the Machado and Plaz trial proceeds, Washington will attempt to paint the deceptive picture of a Stasi-like authoritarian regime hounding the democratic opposition. A truer picture would find that Súmate has been operating in highly dubious legal territory.

Bush Balkanizes the world - Paradoxically, Bush & Company’s relentless push for world hegemony seems to be Balkanizing the world, that is, splintering countries, regions, even zip codes, into smaller units, which are more hostile to each other though ethnically more homogenous.

February 9, 2006

Canada: Harper’s Conservative cabinet—a roster of reaction - Incoming Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper has moved quickly to signal that his government’s lack of a parliamentary majority will not deter it from pursuing an unabashed right-wing agenda—tax and social spending cuts, health care privatization, tough "anti-crime" legislation, the expansion and re-arming of the Canadian military, and closer cooperation with the Bush administration.

February 10, 2006

The Bolivarian Revolution: A Movement of Hope and Threat - For five-hundred years Latin America has been the stomping ground of the region’s elite, the vast majority descendants of Europeans, white in skin color yet dark in empathy, lacking the will to care for tens of millions of fellow human beings living in destitute surroundings and insufferable consequences. For centuries this elite has been a slave driver, using and abusing the masses for its continued control and power, using the energy and labor of peasants to increase its wealth.

Polls: Brainwashed Americans Support Iran Attack - It really is not very difficult to fool clueless Americans, brainwashed by corporate television, and get them on board the Straussian neocon plan to mass murder thousands, possibly millions of Arabs and Muslims.

Mohammed Cartoons: Provocation for Bush's War - by Webster Griffin Tarpley - Beware the Ides of March

Petrodollars and Nuclear Weapons Proliferation: Understanding the Planned Assault on Iran - Iran has been in the gun-sights of George W. Bush and his entourage from the moment that he was parachuted into the presidency in November 2000 by his father’s Supreme Court.

France secretly upgrades capacity of nuclear arsenal - France has secretly modified its nuclear arsenal to increase the strike range and accuracy of its weapons. The move comes weeks after President Jacques Chirac warned that states which threatened the country could face the "ultimate warning" of a nuclear retaliation.

February 11, 2006

Riding-high with Hugo Chavez - Hugo Chavez’s meteoric rise on the world stage has as much to do with his defiance of Washington as it does with his leadership of a hemispheric revolution. At great personal risk, Chavez has consistently lashed out against his witless-nemesis, George Bush, and the coterie of sycophants who do his bidding.

February 12, 2006

US prepares military blitz against Iran's nuclear sites - Strategists at the Pentagon are drawing up plans for devastating bombing raids backed by submarine-launched ballistic missile attacks against Iran's nuclear sites as a "last resort" to block Teheran's efforts to develop an atomic bomb.

Revealed: the terror prison US is helping build in Morocco - The United States is helping Morocco to build a new interrogation and detention facility for Al-Qaeda suspects near its capital, Rabat, according to western intelligence sources.

Bush urged to stir rebellion within Iran - Neoconservatives in Washington are urging President George W Bush to drop diplomacy with Iran in favour of boosting internal dissent and opposition forces within the Islamic regime.

More Evidence Nuking Iran is on Schedule - If not so deadly serious, the idea that the Straussian neocons will shock and awe Iran only as a "last resort" would be comical. In fact, they have long planned to bomb Iran—imaginary nukes or not—and kill as many Iranians as possible and decimate the civilian infrastructure, as they have done in Iraq ...

February 13, 2006

"10,000 would die" in A-plant attack on Iran - A major American attack on Iran's nuclear sites would kill up to 10,000 people and lead to war in the Middle East, a report says today.

Iran Attack: Turning America into a Straussian Totalitarian State - Either Cheney or the Straussian neocons are insane—courting depression and social and political disaster—or something else is up their sleeves. In order to understand what the Iran attack means in the larger context, it pays to examine the Straussian philosophy.

Another Russian MP Says Muslim Riots Were US Provocation - Echoing the comments of Liberal Democrats leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, another Russian MP has gone public with his contention that the recent Muslim riots were a staged US provocation in order to swing public opinion in Europe beind supporting an attack on Iran.

Abrams Kurdistan Syria Lebanon Oil - While we listen to lots of veiled threats and speculations about possible attacks on Iran, there is a real multi-part conspiracy going on involving northern Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon. The plan, spearheaded by crazed neocon Elliot Abrams (crazy enough to be the G. Gordon Liddy of the Bush Administration, and an Iran-Contra criminal who thinks big if not well), has three parts...

Deadly Haiti clash: U.N. peacekeepers fire on protesters - So there you go. Vote the wrong way, we fix it. Protest, and we shoot you down in the streets. If you'd only shut your mouths, the wondrous glory of a Happy Meal could be yours. Have a nice day.

February 14, 2006

Jail for Sharon son in campaign fraud - An Israeli court has sentenced Ariel Sharon's eldest son to nine months in jail after he pleaded guilty to illegally raising funds for his father's 1999 primary election campaign.

Iran - Disinformation Phobia - Propaganda designed to target Iran as the greatest threat to the world is just the latest sequel in the machinated melodrama of the evil empire. Make no mistake about it, the imperialists of internationalism are the cause of global insanity.

Authoritarian Rule Britannia - Britain is currently teetering on the brink of a huge political shift. As far as the Blair era has gone in transforming this country into a paranoid, uncommunicative, culturally starved, spin controlled Orwellian style authoritarian state, things are about to be taken to a whole new level.

Vicente Fox vs. Latin America - Bush's Mexican Poodle

Indian Villages For Sale - Rural indebtedness has reached such alarming proportions that village communities are being forced to sell not only their body organs but also their lands - willing to lose control over their only means of economic security.

February 15, 2006

"Made in the USA" election crisis in Haiti - The political crisis ignited by the prolonged delay in announcing the results of the February 7 election has brought the impoverished Caribbean country to the brink of civil war. There are strong indications that this is precisely the intention of the US-backed figures from within Haiti’s right-wing political class who control the ballot tabulation.

Costa Rica - Regardless of the final outcome, Solís' surprise showing has important implications for the course of Latin America and U.S.-Latin American relations. First, it shows how deep the electorate's dissatisfaction is with the status quo in the region, and with the "Washington Consensus" - or "neoliberal" economic policies as it is more commonly labeled in Latin America.

February 16, 2006

Bush plans huge propaganda campaign in Iran - · Congress asked for $75m to fund programme· Rice to visit Gulf states as nuclear crisis deepens

Berlusconi attacks Italy's last bastion of independent television - The media billionaire, who directly or indirectly controls nearly all the nation's television output, described a painstakingly neutral political programme as "scandalous".

US troop deployment sparks protests in Dominican Republic - The landing of hundreds of US troops at a port city in the Dominican Republic, barely 80 miles from the Haitian border, sparked protests and warnings that Washington may be preparing another military intervention aimed at quelling the popular unrest that has erupted in Haiti over attempts to rig the presidential election.

Disabled boy shot dead by Israeli troops - A 15 year old mentally disabled Palestinian boy carrying a broken toy rifle was shot dead by Israeli troops during an arrest operation in the northern West Bank town of Qabatia, near Jenin, yesterday.

Preval declared Haiti poll winner - Rene Preval has been declared president of Haiti, following last week's vote marred by claims of irregularities.

February 17, 2006

Averting Election Theft in Haiti - The Haitian people's choice for president narrowly won yesterday, despite the best attempts of the country's wealthy U.S.-backed elite.

Gaza as the Warsaw Ghetto - Ehud Olmert, acting like Governor-General Hans Frank, has decided to turn the Gaza Strip into the Warsaw Ghetto.

Britain: Parliament approves police state measures in Terrorism Bill - The Labour Party government of Prime Minister Tony Blair has succeeded in reinstating an offence of "glorifying terrorism" in its latest Terrorism Bill.

Completely repulsive, quasi-genocidal quote of the day - ...although this quote appears in more than 1000 news sources, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and CNN are not among them.

Update On Zundel Holocaust Heresy Trial - This is a summary of the three days of hearings in the Holocaust Heresy Trial - February 9, 15, and 16.

Nigeria oil "total war" warning - The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta has given oil companies and their employees until midnight on Friday night to leave the region.

February 18, 2006

Tactical Use of Genocide in Sudan and the Five Lakes Region - If nations of the world agreed that a verifiable genocide were occurring, it would allow the U.S. to occupy Sudan and gain its assets. There is profit for the U.S. in deciding that Sudan’s Government has committed genocide.

Chavez warns US over Venezuelan oil - Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president, has threatened to cut off oil supplies to the United States if Washington continues trying to destabilise his government.

WWIII or Bust: Implications of a US Attack on Iran - So the white-knuckle ride to war continues, with the administration’s goals in Iran very clear. Recklessly naïve and impetuous perhaps, but clear: stop the petro-euro oil bourse, take over Khuzestan Province (which borders Iraq and has 90% of Iran’s oil) and secure the Straits of Hormuz in the process. As US politician Newt Gingrich recently put it, Iranians cannot be trusted with nuclear technology, and they also "cannot be trusted with their oil."


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