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Archive for the Month of December, 2005.
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December 1, 2005

'IMMACULATE CERTIFICATION'! DIEBOLD ALLOWED IN NORTH CAROLINA AFTER ALL! - Voting Company Apparently Just Kidding About Pulling Out of State! Former Diebold Rep, Now on NC Election Advisory Board Certifies Diebold, Despite Apparent Failure to Comply with State Law Requiring Source Code Escrow!

December 5, 2005

THE CASE FOR A NATIONAL RECALL ELECTION - The threat of recall would make sitting leaders responsive to the people more often than the current four-year election cycle, and would allow disastrous and unpopular leaders like Bush to be replaced posthaste.

December 6, 2005

Diebold insider alleges company plagued by technical woes, Diebold defends "sterling" record - ...a whistleblower from electronic voting heavyweight Diebold Election Systems Inc. raised grave concerns about the company’s electronic voting technology and of electronic voting in general, bemoaning an electoral system the insider feels has been compromised by corporate privatization.

December 7, 2005

With new legislation, Ohio Republicans plan holiday burial for American Democracy - HB3's most publicized provision will require positive identification before casting a vote. But it also opens voter registration activists to partisan prosecution, exempts electronic voting machines from public scrutiny, quintuples the cost of citizen-requested statewide recounts and makes it illegal to challenge a presidential vote count or, indeed, any federal election result in Ohio. When added to the recently passed HB1, which allows campaign financing to be dominated by the wealthy and by corporations, and along with a Rovian wish list of GOP attacks on the ballot box, democracy in Ohio could be all but over.

December 11, 2005

Bush Administration Guts 40 Year Old "Voting Rights Act" - The Justice Department has barred staff attorneys from offering recommendations in major Voting Rights Act cases, marking a significant change in the procedures meant to insulate such decisions from politics...

December 12, 2005

Diebold CEO resigns after reports of fraud litigation, internal woes - The chief executive officer of electronic voting company Diebold who once famously declared that he would "deliver" Ohio for President Bush has resigned effective immediately...

December 13, 2005

SECURITIES FRAUD LITIGATION FILED AGAINST DIEBOLD, INC! - Class Action Suit Alleges Fraud, Insider Trading, Manipulation of Stock Prices, Concealment of Known Flaws in Voting Machines and Company Structural Problems

December 15, 2005

Devastating Diebold Hack Proven in Florida - A hack like this could have easily swung Florida, and the 2004 election.

December 18, 2005

More Bush Cronyism Instituted, This Time at the Federal Election Commission - What's a Few Broken, Ignored Federal Election Laws Between Friends? (Especially When It May Even Help On That Little Matter of White House Treason?)

December 27, 2005

Electronic voting fatally vulnerable - How can we have a republic, and be represented, if our votes and voice are not tallied?

December 28, 2005

Imagine all the people... - ...demonstrating against election fraud.

December 31, 2005

Conspiring Against the Voters - President Bush has announced four nominees for the Federal Election Commission, moving to keep the policing of campaign abuses firmly in the hands of party wheel horses.

Fake voting rights activists and groups linked to White House - Top level Republican operatives with ties to the White House, Senate Majority Leader William Frist and the Republican National Committee (RNC) not only engaged in the suppression of poor and minority voters in the 2004 Ohio presidential election' but they spun the election irregularities into a story linking blacks to cocaine and voter fraud. Bush allies in Ohio are now using this myth of voter fraud to pass a repressive "election reform" bill.


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