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Archive for the Month of February, 2006.
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February 1, 2006

Pentagon waved off tip on $1,000 toaster - ...the Pentagon had paid $20 apiece for ice cube trays that retail for less than a dollar.

Halliburton Detention Camps For Political Subversives - In another shining example of modern day corporate fascism, it was announced recently that Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root had been awarded a $385 million dollar contract by Homeland Security to construct detention and processing facilities in the event of a national emergency.

Police Remove Sheehan From Bush Speech - The offense: her shirt, bearing an anti-war message and other "unlawful conduct," police said.

Police State Suppressing World Can't Wait Action in Cleveland - A hand comes down again to push my chin against the concrete. By this time there are four cops on the scene. My hands are tightly cuffed behind my back. They lift me up and shove me onto a parkbench and shackle my legs. I am still calling out, telling people what this is about. One of the cops says to me, "Shut up or I will kill you!", "I am sick of this anti-Bush shit!" "You are definitely going to the psyche ward." Then somebody calls the EMS, and a fire squad shows up.

The United States of America will cease to exist on February 5th, 2006 - Sometime before the 2008 presidential election, and possibly much, much sooner, the United States Government will detonate a small nuclear bomb in an American city, killing 10,000 to 100,000 civilians.

What Really Happened - by Cindy Sheehan - I had just sat down and I was warm from climbing 3 flights of stairs back up from the bathroom so I unzipped my jacket. I turned to the right to take my left arm out, when the same officer saw my shirt and yelled; "Protester." He then ran over to me, hauled me out of my seat and roughly (with my hands behind my back) shoved me up the stairs.

EFF's Class-Action Lawsuit Against AT&T for Collaboration with Illegal Domestic Spying Program - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed a class-action lawsuit against AT&T on January 31, 2006, accusing the telecom giant of violating the law and the privacy of its customers by collaborating with the National Security Agency (NSA) in its massive and illegal program to wiretap and data-mine Americans' communications.

February 2, 2006

Airline CEO Latest Victim Of Airport Gestapo - Just when you thought TSA screening horror stories couldn't get any more anathema to common sense, the latest victim of the little Hitler airport Gestapo proves otherwise.

Out of jail, into the Army - Facing an enlistment crisis, the Army is granting "waivers" to an increasingly high percentage of recruits with criminal records -- and trying to hide it.

February 3, 2006

No protesting! - The single most striking deterioration that has happened in the United States in the last ten years or so is the loss of the right to dissent. The United States government has always done terrible things, but through it all Americans have always had the right to complain about it.

The Voice of the White House: Department of Homeland Security’s War On American’s Property - According to in-house memos now circulating, the DHS has issued orders to banks across America which announce to them that "under the Patriot Act" (whatever that crap means) the DHS has the absolute right to seize, without any warrant whatsoever, any and all customer bank accounts, to make "periodic and unannounced" visits to any bank to open and inspect the contents of 'selected safe deposit boxes."

Pentagon Database Leaves No Child Alone - Since 2002, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has spent a half-million dollars a year creating a database it claims is "arguably the largest repository of 16-25 year-old youth data in the country, containing roughly 30 million records."

Marines To Invade Newport In Urban Warfare Exercise - This is about conditioning Americans to accept the abolition of Posse Comitatus for the future military takeover of law enforcement outlined by Bush following Hurricane Katrina.

Preparing the World for Another 9/11 - What are we to make of the furore surrounding the publishing of anti-Islam cartoons by Dutch and French daily papers? The intent seems clear enough - to portray Islam, and therefore all Muslims as fanatic terrorists, and to provoke Muslim groups to confirm for the world that this portrayal is accurate...

US launches disaster planning aimed at children - In a cheerier version of the "duck and cover" 1950s-era classroom drills that advised schoolchildren to dive under their desks in the event of nuclear attack, Homeland Security Department Secretary Michael Chertoff outlined the "Ready Kids" campaign at a Chicago elementary school library.

February 4, 2006

Big Brother in full effect at Super Bowl XL - For anyone who doubts that we live in a 1984esque society, the high-tech surveillance that is planned for Super Bowl XL this Sunday should prove once and for all that not only has Big Brother arrived, he's moved in, unpacked, and cracked open a beer.

Ability to Wage "Long War" Is Key To Pentagon Plan - The Pentagon, readying for what it calls a "long war," yesterday laid out a new 20-year defense strategy that envisions U.S. troops deployed, often clandestinely, in dozens of countries at once to fight terrorism and other nontraditional threats.

U.S. to use air patrols along Montana border - The United States will be using Blackhawk helicopters and planes along the Montana border with Alberta and Saskatchewan to watch for terrorists, drug-runners and illegal immigrants.

Child investigated for homework threat to Bush - The Secret Service on Thursday said it was investigating a Rhode Island student who wrote a rambling essay advocating violence against President Bush and major U.S. corporations.

Cindy Sheehan and Beverly Young Aren’t the First to Get Booted for T-shirts - In the Bush Age, such hostility to free speech has become all too common. Students have been booted from school, shoppers from malls, protesters from Bush rallies, simply as a result of the shirts on their fronts.

Government Informants - Both law-enforcement and intelligence agencies fundamentally depend on informants. Informants in foreign intelligence are at best traitors to their respective countries. Informants in domestic crime issues are often paid, either in cash or in deals cut on crimes they have committed. Altogether, they are a sleazy lot.

February 5, 2006

NSA Snoop Program Toll: One FBI Patsy - ...the real enemies of the state are basically the same enemies monitored, harassed, and even assassinated during the Vietnam-era and well before. Osama bin "Forgotten," al-CIA-duh, and the dim bulb patsy Mohammad Rauf are nothing more than an engineered pretext for the current clique of fascist authoritarians in the White House and the Pentagon to go after sincere threats—antiwar, anti-globalist, and patriot movement activists...

Super Bowl Police State - It is nothing short of a stroke of genius to mix police state imagery in with football imagery and thus make slavery palatable to the masses.

Can the President Order a Killing on U.S. Soil? - In the latest twist in the debate over presidential powers, a Justice Department official suggested that in certain circumstances, the president might have the power to order the killing of terrorist suspects inside the United States.

Call For A Red Synthetic Terror Alert - by Webster Griffin Tarpley - The intense international intelligence warfare pattern mandates a move to red alert -- the highest vigilance -- for the upcoming superbowl Sunday in the USA and the Turin winter Olympics, and perhaps all the way to the March 20 opening of the Iranian oil bourse, which spells the beginning of the end for six decades of world dollar hegemony.

February 6, 2006

Lab officials excited by new H-bomb project - For the first time in more than 20 years, U.S. nuclear-weapons scientists are designing a new H-bomb, the first of probably several new nuclear explosives on the drawing boards.

US Senate hearings set to cover up domestic spying - ...the Senate hearing will be a complete farce, and will not address any of the fundamental issues involved or lead to any check on the Bush administration.

February 7, 2006

Blogging the Hearings: Chumps R Us - Look, these ballyhooed Judiciary hearings into Bush's illegal wiretap program are just a PR clown-show from the word go -- literally.

"Dangerous" Academics: Right-wing Distortions About Leftist Professors - It’s easier to defame opponents using emotionally charged language than engage on real issues. Accuse them of being irrational and hateful. Ignore the substance of the claims and just sling mud. By even minimal standards of intellectual or political discourse it’s not terribly honorable, but it often works.

Homeland Security seizing medications from elderly, former Customs official reports - Are grandma and grandpa now the newest targets in an expanding war on drugs?

February 8, 2006

Is George Bush Opening Your Mail? - Asked directly by the U.S. Senate, Alberto Gonzales won't say

February 9, 2006

US plans massive data sweep - Little-known data-collection system could troll news, blogs, even e-mails.

Frozen Account Ruffles Nuns - The nuns of the Holy Name Monastery say they have been swept into the net cast by the nation's antiterrorism laws.

Some companies helped the NSA, but which? - Even after the recent scrutiny of the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance project approved by President Bush, an intriguing question remains unanswered: Which corporations cooperated with the spy agency?

Criticize Bush, get investigated for sedition - The message is clear: If you are a government employee and you dare to criticize Dear Leader, you will be well and truly fucked.

The Terrorists of Tiny Town: Homeland security keeping our country safe from kindergarteners (hey, they could be Al Qaeda...) - While Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez assures the U.S. Senate that the Bush Administration’s domestic eavesdropping program is a vital "early warning system" for terrorists, another homeland security measure strikes at a local elementary school.

Meet Our New Stormtroopers - Will this be the face of our new Imperial Army? Time will tell...

Welcome to middle-class lockdown; now shut up and buy something - ...we no longer depend upon community and other people around us. When live in our houses, idiotically sited vinyl "Tudor-esque" fuck-boxes with brick facades...which grow bigger each year in order to accommodate our massive asses, egos and collection of goods, and we "order out." Or go shopping for it at the mall.

February 10, 2006

Bioterror - The anthrax attacks and nerve agent "scare" help to illustrate that America's enemies are inside the gates, and that they are more than willing to use scare tactics and even false flag terror methods to achieve their objectives.

Jose Bove's Not Welcome in Bush's USA - ...customs and border operations have, like so many other functions of the federal government, been abused for political purposes by an administration that is far more committed to advancing the agenda of its corporate contributors that it is to respecting the rule of law.

Bush Plays Terror Card With Bogus LA Attack Plot - Bootlicking news networks follow suit with dramatic images of Library Tower being destroyed

February 11, 2006

Bush's War Plan includes the Use of Nuclear Weapons - The United States government is preparing for an eventual nuclear war with a determination approximating Cold War standards, but this time with an expressed preemptive first-strike option against even non-nuclear countries.

Hey, Kids: Spying Is Fun! - Using cartoons, games and kid-friendly websites, the federal intelligence community is seeking to win the hearts and minds of America's children.

Video surveillance outfit chips workers - A Cincinnati video surveillance company CityWatcher.com now requires employees to use Verichip human implantable microchips to enter a secure data centre. Until now, the employees entered the data centre with a VeriChip housed in a heart-shaped plastic casing that hangs from their keychain.

The persecution of Leonard Peltier: United States Prisoner No. 89637-132 - Peltier was arrested in Canada for a crime he did not commit--the murder of two FBI agents on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota in June 1975. He was illegally sent to the United States because of coerced and fraudulent testimony, and later convicted in federal court in one of the most infamous political frame-ups in modern U.S. history.

"Killing One Person Is Murder: Killing Thousands At 9/11 Is Domestic Policy": This Bumper Sticker Slogan On Seattle Resident's Car Has Led To MKULTRA Tactics Used Against Her. - Many others like Susan Elmes of Seattle have had 'physical abuse and gang stalking' tactics used against them for simply expressing their freedom of speech rights. Although spygate is a problem, FBI/CIA hired thugs are in force doing the administration's dirty work as illegal wiretapping and surveillance campaign goes on in the background.

February 12, 2006

F.B.I swoops on Puerto Rican independence movement - FBI agents in Puerto Rico on Friday searched five homes and a business to thwart what the agency said was a "domestic terrorist attack" planned by militants favoring independence for the U.S. island territory.

February 13, 2006

Every move you make ... they'll be watching you - It's getting harder to cover your tracks as even the most everyday activities -- from running a Google search to using the E-Z Pass lane -- leave a lengthy digital trail.

February 14, 2006

The Republican Propaganda Machine - All governments play with words and ideas, spinning things their way. But the Bush administration is the first to bathe America in a sewer of propaganda...Consider the following egregious examples of propaganda...

February 15, 2006

Trapped in the Iron Triangle: Total control - ...all the while, semi-conscious people watch the managed news on TV, listen to speeches by the president or the lackeys in his cabinet, and obediently give their tacit approval to announcements of more invasions, more occupations, more domestic spying, more sacrifices, more spending----all sounding so logical, so necessary, so innocent.

Hidden history of US germ testing - ...it wasn't just the white coat volunteers and sailors who were subject to experiments. Scientists used what they thought was a harmless simulant in major bio-weapon tests across US cities and on public transport.

February 17, 2006


Latest Airline Terror Threat: People Who Read Books - US rocker and writer Henry Rollins was reported to the National Security hotline during his recent Australian tour because of a book he was reading on flight to Brisbane.

Plan Crimson: War on Canada: Secret War Plans and the Malady of American Militarism - What is the mentality and line of illogic that leads ranking military professionals, executive cabinet officers, and congressmen to plan and prepare war on an ally and good neighbor? Secret border bases? Surprise attacks? Strategic bombing of populated cities? Immediate first use of poison gas?

FBI Home Invasions in Puerto Rico - When the FBI decided to violently invade the homes of hard-working, well-respected men and women, individuals loved and admired in their communities, they did it because the victims of their abuse are independentistas who believe in the right of Puerto Ricans to be free from colonialism.

Murder of the Fourth Amendment Now Complete - ...these are the same Democrats who apparently don’t have a problem with the NSA snooping in on your phone calls and email, almost effortlessly crumbling under "heavy pressure" from the Straussian neocons, according to ranking Senate Intelligence Committee Democrat Jay Rockefeller (the name alone should provide a clue why he has acquiesced).

February 18, 2006

Land of the Puppet People - We are trained to live to work, not work to live, sacrificing love of life for love for the Almighty dollar, becoming worker bees and soldier ants, selling our souls to the demons of capitalism in exchange for the happiness and stress-free lives of yesteryear, needing pharmaceutical drugs to escape the depression of our daily lives, willingly choosing to indebt our present and future in order to possess the vast array of adult toys marketed to manipulate our emotions, wrongly thinking this or that product will reincarnate lost happiness. America is the land of plenty, where waistlines expand, stress increases, mental problems grow, work hours increase and vehicles get bigger and bigger...

Homeland Security Clamps Down On Boise Navy Veteran and Federal Employee For Anti-War Bumper Stickers - The wicked, oppressive and sinister eyes of Homeland Security are everywhere, as average Americans from east coast to west are quickly learning what it means to "to be shut up" by fascist rules and regulations designed to "to toe the party line" or else!

February 19, 2006

Surveillance: Obedient Slaves Have Nothing to Fear - It has nothing to do with the Bill of Rights or the right to be left alone in peace, unmolested and free from harassment, but rather it has to do with suspicion, with guilt before innocence, with mistrust and intrusion, and the roving eye of Big Brother.

February 20, 2006

Red State, Meet Police State - A federal employee gets hassled by Homeland Security for antiwar stickers on his car.

World's largest anti-submarine exercise taking place as we speak - Noble Manta 06, as it slips underneath the radar, is the largest "anti-submarine warfare (ASW) exercise" in the world, I’m presuming, ever. This time around the crews have "traditional submarine roles and missions will be exercised in support of defence against terrorism."

The FBI and the Myth of Fingerprints: A "100 Per Cent Certainty" - Decade after decade people have been sent to prison for years or dispatched to the death cell, solely on the basis of a single, even a partial print.

Martial law, forced labour and some other niceties of American political life - Because these things are not a fixture of daily life for most Americans, one assumes that outright government repression is an anomaly. From John Africa to Waco, from suppression of labour to Cointelpro, the record suggests otherwise.

February 21, 2006

Bush Neocons: Going After Fifth Columnists - ...this blog—and thousands of other websites—may be considered outlets disseminating information "considered helpful to the enemy" simply because they do not "support the troops," or rather support the "war effort," in fact an effort to illegally occupy a once sovereign nation.

Children of the Machine - New technological advances could make us susceptible to perpetual surveillance

February 22, 2006

Slicing Away Liberty: 1933 Germany, 2006 America - THE ENABLING MANTRA OF 9/11

The New McCarthyism: American NeoFascists - Recent developments suggest that the Bush administration may already be contemplating what to do with Americans who are deemed insufficiently loyal or who disseminate information that may be considered helpful to the enemy.

February 23, 2006

HOMELAND SECURITY WANTS TO TRACK SPYCHIPS IN MOVING CARS - The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is looking for beefed up RFID technology that can read government-issued documents from up to 25 feet away, pinpoint pedestrians on street corners, and glean the identity of people whizzing by in cars at 55 miles per hour.

MORRISSEY QUIZZED BY FBI - Singer MORRISSEY was quizzed by the FBI and British intelligence after speaking out against the American and British governments.

Police State Technology: Implanting a GPS-microchip in the body of a human being, using a high powered sniper rifle - ...EMPIRE NORTH suggests to mark and identify a suspicious subject on a safe distance, enabeling the national law enforcement agency to keep track on the target through a satellite in the weeks to come."

February 24, 2006

America Beware! - America, you are being set up for a nuclear false flag attack.

Air Force Plan: Hack Your Nervous System - The brain has always been a battlefield. New weapons might be able to hack directly into your nervous system.

February 25, 2006

TIA "Disruptive Technology" Subverting Bill of Rights - Echelon, Carnivore, Magic Lantern, etc., these are all "systems" designed to render our former constitutional republic into a sprawling Panopticon, or surveillance prison.

CONSPIRACY PHOBIA - Most people in the west have been programmed by media propagandists to react negatively when they hear the word "conspiracy." They treat anyone who investigates actual conspiracies as an oddball and call them names in an attempt to dismiss and discredit what is being said and what is being investigated at times with thorough and revealing research.

Soldiers Charged With Performing for Gay Porn Site - The Army has charged seven paratroopers from the celebrated 82nd Airborne Division with engaging in sex acts in video shown on a Web site, authorities said Friday.


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