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Archive for the Month of March, 2005.
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March 2, 2005

5-4 Supreme Court Abolishes Juvenile Executions - The Supreme Court abolished capital punishment for juvenile offenders yesterday, ruling 5 to 4 that it is unconstitutional to sentence anyone to death for a crime he or she committed while younger than 18. By far the largest impact of yesterday's ruling will be felt in Texas, where there are 29 juvenile offenders awaiting execution, and Alabama, where there are 14. No other state has more than five. There have been 22 executions of juveniles since 1976, 13 of them in Texas.

March 3, 2005

Maximum pain is aim of new US weapon - The US military is funding development of a weapon that delivers a bout of excruciating pain from up to 2 kilometres away.

March 5, 2005

US Draws Jeers for Abortion Comments at UN - Jeers and catcalls greeted the top U.S. delegate to a global women's conference on Friday as she stressed Washington's opposition to abortion and support for sexual abstinence and fidelity.

March 9, 2005

Senate Defeats Minimum Wage Increase - The Senate defeated dueling proposals Monday to raise the $5.15-an-hour minimum wage. Isn't this interesting in light of the continual regular wage increases these same politicians give themselves.

Health Care Disparities Kill 80,000 Blacks - U.S. Study - More than 80,000 black Americans die every year because of continuing disparities in health care, former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher said on Wednesday.

March 10, 2005

U.S. Quits Pact Used in Capital Cases - The Bush administration has decided to pull out of an international agreement that opponents of the death penalty have used to fight the sentences of foreigners on death row in the USA. In a two-paragraph letter Condoleezza Rice informed Kofi Annan that the USA "hereby withdraws" from the Optional Protocol to the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.

Death Rates and Race - Middle-aged black men are dying at nearly twice the rate of white men of a similar age, reflecting lower incomes and poorer access to health care, a study has found.

March 12, 2005

Bias Against Muslims In U.S. Prisons Detailed - The warden and guards at a federal prison discriminated and retaliated against Muslim inmates, the Justice Department's inspector general said yesterday in a report that also detailed allegations of mistreatment of Muslims at other U.S. lockups.

March 13, 2005

Europeans Investigate CIA Role in Abductions - A radical Egyptian cleric known as Abu Omar was walking to a Milan mosque for noon prayers in February 2003 when he was grabbed on the sidewalk by two men, sprayed in the face with chemicals and stuffed into a van. He hasn't been seen since. Investigators believe he was abducted by the CIA and taken to a nation that allows torture.

March 14, 2005

Business, RNC lend hand to Bush blitz - The White House, in concert with the Republican National Committee and well-financed business groups, has launched an unprecedented campaign for changes in Social Security, including essays in local newspapers, media interviews and supporters calling in to radio shows to back President Bush.

March 16, 2005

Prosecutors: G8 Protesters Were Abused - About 150 protesters detained at the Group of Eight summit in northern Italy in 2001 were kicked, slapped, tripped, kneed in the groin and dragged by their hair, according to a report. The extent of the brutality has prompted comparisons to the abuse and sexual humiliation of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib.

March 17, 2005

ACLU Report: U.S. Drug Laws Harm Women - America's war on drugs is inflicting deep and disproportionate harm on women ó most of them mothers ó who are filling prisons in ever-rising numbers despite their typically minor roles in drug rings

March 23, 2005

U.S. Infrastructure: Increasingly Unsafe - If some attention and a whole lot of money is not spent on the nationís infrastructure, i.e., aviation, bridges, dams, drinking water, energy, hazardous waste removal, navigable waterways, parks and recreation, rail travel, roads, schools, security, solid waste, transit, and wastewater, then life in this country as we know it is going to resemble a Third World nation.

March 26, 2005

Afghanistan: Media Black Hole - We at the Afghan Womenís Mission (AWM) often ask ourselves, "Why arenít the major newspapers showing the American people what's really happening in Afghanistan?"

March 28, 2005

Michigan Preparing To Let Doctors Refuse To Treat Gays - Doctors or other health care providers could not be disciplined or sued if they refuse to treat gay patients under legislation passed Wednesday by the Michigan House.

March 30, 2005

Penny's Story...One of the Missing - A beautiful young 33 year old woman, owner of a successful business and a gorgeous home, with two children born in the USA. Homeland Security arrests her with no reasons given. There are no charges recorded or filed. There are no provisions or custodial plans made for her children. She is carted away to Turner Guilford Knight County Jail Immigration Unit in Miami in handcuffs and shackles. She was arrested on July 1, 2004 and she is still incarcerated. Nothing has been heard from her since.


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