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Archive for the Month of December, 2005.
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December 28, 2005

What I heard about Iraq in 2005 - I heard a man who had been in Abu Ghraib prison say: "The Americans brought electricity to my ass before they brought it to my house."

Imagine all the people... - ...demonstrating against election fraud.

NSA: Listening in on its own employees, journalists, and members of Congress. - NSA spied on its own employees, other U.S. intelligence personnel, and their journalist and congressional contacts.

U.S. takes terror fight to Africa's "Wild West": Critics say Saharan plan backs despots, is magnet for trouble - "African oil is of national strategic interest to us, and it will increase and become more important as we go forward..." Nigeria is the fifth-largest source of U.S. oil imports. Algeria has at least 9 billion barrels of reserves, and Mauritania has begun offshore pumping that could make it Africa's No. 4 oil supplier by 2007.

Israeli jets attack Lebanon - Israeli warplanes attacked a training base of a Palestinian resistance group in the al-Naima area, south of Beirut, wounding two fighters...

Bush Administration makes wrongheaded move on Indonesia - The Bush Administration has again shown that, notwithstanding the President’s rhetoric, human rights are of minimal concern to the White House.

Aide: Bolivia Leader May Reject U.S. Aid - President-elect Evo Morales will reject U.S. economic and military aid if the United States requires continued coca-eradication efforts to get the money, a close aide to the former coca growers' leader said Tuesday.

Inhumane Israel - It didn't take long for the oppressed to become the oppressors did it.

December 29, 2005

The Top 10 Bitterest Ironies of 2005 - 1. Fiddling While Rome Burns...

Most outrageous statements of 2005 - "I think we ought to nuke North Korea right now just to give the rest of the world a warning."

"Limited Circulation", please !! - A request by the Corporate Media

"It's An Excellent Relationship": NYPD on Police - CIA Links - New York Police Department Deputy Commissioner for Public Information, Paul Browne, described the ties between the NYPD and the the CIA as "an excellent relationship"...

Now you can be arrested for any offence - Police are to be given sweeping powers to arrest people for every offence, including dropping litter, failure to wear a seat belt and other minor misdemeanours. The measures, which come into force on Jan 1, are the biggest expansion in decades of police powers to deprive people of their liberty.

Neocon Stasi: Spy vs. Spy - Increasingly, it is appropriate to characterize the Bushcon spy operation as an all-American version of Stasi (Staats Sicherheitsdienst), the feared East German secret police.

Pentagon propaganda program orders soldiers to promote Iraq war while home on leave - The program, coordinated through a Pentagon operation dubbed "Operation Homefront," ordered military personnel to give interviews to their hometown newspapers, television stations and other media outlets and praise the American war effort in Iraq.

American road leads off a cliff - The American Dream is becoming the American Pipe Dream.

The Story of Maher Arar: Unfolding US-Canada Police State - "What is at stake here is the future of our country, the interests of Canadian citizens, and most importantly Canada's international reputation for being a leader in human rights where citizens from different ethnic groups are treated no different than other Canadians."

TSA MAY THINK YOU'RE A TERRORIST! - If you're sitting in an airport waiting area, and some stranger strikes up a random conversation, you might want to put on your best smile and answer cheerfully...that stranger might be a Transportation Security Administration "screener" looking to single you out as a terrorist threat.

Strange Twists in the Padilla Case - The DOJ is asking to vacate a ruling that it just won after a grueling 4 year struggle and its spokesman says that there is "nothing sinister" about that?

Latin America: The Yanquis Are Coming to Put Down Progressive Surge - Latin America preparing for the "Yanqui invasion." U.S. positions military forces in Latin America to confront the surge of popular socialism in the Western Hemisphere.

BUSH'S WAR ON PORN TARGETS HOLLYWOOD, THE INTERNET, AND THE FIRST AMENDMENT IN '06 - Not since Ronald Reagan’s attorney general, Edwin Meese (left), made a crusade against pornography a top priority has there been such a broad-scale attempt to destroy First Amendment protections for sexual expression and sexual privacy as the one currently being mounted by the Bush administration and congressional Republicans.

Phone giants mum on spying - In past, industry has cooperated with U.S

Big Brother Bush - The Testy Kid wants to do what he wants to do when he wants to do it because he is the president, and he considers that sufficient justification for whatever he wants. He even finds lawyers like John Yoo, who tell him that whatever he wants to do is legal.

Pentagon Shakes Up Emergency Hierarchy - ...the doomsday plan moves to near the top three undersecretaries who are Rumsfeld loyalists and who previously worked for Vice President Dick Cheney when he was defense secretary.

US Bombing of Iraq Intensifies - US airstrikes in Iraq have surged this fall, jumping to nearly five times the average monthly rate earlier in the year, according to US military figures.

IRAN: "AMERICAN PLOTS" MAKE BUDGET LIST - The Iranian government will set aside funds in its next annual budget to prevent what it says are "American plots" against the Islamic Republic and "foreign interference" in the country's internal affairs...

December 30, 2005

Spy Soup - As the NSA Domestic Spying Scandal unfolds, it might help to remember that John Negroponte and Porter Goss have been placed in key positions to protect this administration while carrying out its Machiavellian agenda.

Total Information Awareness and the Neocon Stasi State - It is certainly no mistake the shakers and movers of the Bushcon administration are former Iran-Contra alumni, well-versed in the methods and means of totalitarianism.

Guantanamo hunger strike numbers surge - The number of Guantanamo Bay prisoners taking part in a nearly five-month-long hunger strike has surged to 84 since Christmas Day, the US military says.

Hackers Rebel Against Spy Cams - "It must not be cool anymore to have access to this data," said Rieger, who argued that Western societies are becoming democratically legitimized police states ruled by an unaccountable elite. "We have enough technical knowledge to turn this around; let's expose them in public, publish everything we know about them and let them know how it feels to be under surveillance."

CIA renditions began under Clinton: agent - The US Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) controversial "rendition" program was launched under US president Bill Clinton, a former US counter-terrorism agent has told a German newspaper.

Israelis Invent Terrorist Detector - Is it possible the GK 1 also detects the reason somebody may become a terrorist—for instance, having their land stolen, homes flattened, their brother or father killed by racist IOF thugs, or subjected to humiliation and taunts at a “border control” checkpoint? Is it possible the GK 1 can tell the difference between a real terrorist and one created by a covert operation undertaken by a state intelligence service?

Chalabi takes over Iraq oil ministry amid "crisis" - Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Chalabi has assumed direct control of the powerful oil ministry as crude exports ground to a halt due to sabotage attacks and logistics problems.

Review of the year: Iraq - View From Baghdad: Bush and Blair plot their exit strategy as a nation falls apart at the seams

U.S. partners in Iraq dwindling in number, size - The international military coalition in Iraq is shrinking, as two countries finished pulling their troops out this month and three others announced plans to remove hundreds more.

Environmental Racism - The Toxic Air in Black America

Pre-election terror and repression in Haiti - While the Bush administration and the US mass media focused enormous attention on the recent elections in Iraq—promoting them as supposed proof of Washington’s "democratizing" mission—preparations for another vote taking place in another invaded and occupied country just a few hundred miles off US shores are virtually ignored, and for good reason.

In the Name of Homeland Security, Telecom Firms Are Deluged With Subpoenas - Operating under new powers to combat terrorism, law enforcement agencies are making unprecedented demands on the telecommunications industry to provide information on subscribers...

U.S. military undermines Lat-Am governments- report - The U.S. military is undermining civilian government in Latin America as it pushes for social problems to be treated as security issues, an analysis by U.S. human rights groups says.

Harper pledges military for cities - Up to 500 troops in major centres

Iraqis Pummeled at the Pumps - Fuel prices have quintupled in two weeks as the government starts to reduce subsidies.

Iraqi children: one (hopefully) saved, more than half a million killed - Too bad the "generosity" of the United States comes way too late for so many others.

December 31, 2005

2005: Year In Review - A look back at some of the significant events and issues in 2005 reveals just how much farther the elite globalist police state has progressed in a short space of time.

Malkin’s Glee Over the Fake Persecution of the Corporate Media - ...all the information we receive through the corporate conduits—from "revelations" about the neocon rape and torture apparatus to "leaks" about Bush’s effort to snoop all suspicious Americans—is information engineered for our consumption. Our government, hijacked years ago by vicious Machiavellian Straussists (a Zionist take on the neolib paradigm), wants us to know about the rape and torture camps, the death squads, and now they want us to fear—or those of us who are activists or write blogs—the roving eye of Big Brother, neocon-style.

10 Good Things about Another Bad Year - As we close this year, a year in which we were pummeled by the Iraq war, attacks on our civil rights and Mother Nature’s fury of hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis, there is no shortage of reasons to feel bruised and beaten. But to start the new year with a healthy determination to keep on fighting, we need to reflect on the good things that happened.

Conspiring Against the Voters - President Bush has announced four nominees for the Federal Election Commission, moving to keep the policing of campaign abuses firmly in the hands of party wheel horses.

The American Imperial Plan and the Iraqi Oil Ministry - The American Imperial Plan is proceeding nicely. Ahmad Chalabi is now controlling the Oil Ministry, whilst not a member of the newly elected government...

Terror and Resistance: The determination and courage of the Iraqi Resistance - The U.S. administration is using elections as smokescreen to manipulate public opinion and legitimise the subjugation of the Iraqi people to a colonial dictatorship.

The Invasion of Canada - The "invasion" of Canada is in many regards a fait accompli, a done deal.

The first annual M.F. awards - With 2006 upon us, the voices in my head and I decided this would be the perfect time to study the behavior of politicians and pundits last year and inaugurate "The First Annual M.F. Awards."

Fake voting rights activists and groups linked to White House - Top level Republican operatives with ties to the White House, Senate Majority Leader William Frist and the Republican National Committee (RNC) not only engaged in the suppression of poor and minority voters in the 2004 Ohio presidential election' but they spun the election irregularities into a story linking blacks to cocaine and voter fraud. Bush allies in Ohio are now using this myth of voter fraud to pass a repressive "election reform" bill.

9/11 widow threatened with psych prison - ...9/11 widow Ellen Mariani has been threatened by her own lawyer.

Is Washington Planning a Military Strike? - Recent reports in the German media suggest that the United States may be preparing its allies for an imminent military strike against facilities that are part of Iran's suspected clandestine nuclear weapons program.

The DeLay-Abramoff Money Trail - Nonprofit Group Linked to Lawmaker Was Funded Mostly by Clients of Lobbyist

Abramoff ready to rat on members of Congress - The plea agreement would secure the lobbyist's testimony against several members of Congress who received favors from him or his clients.

Review of the year: Climate Change - Mercury rising, stormy weather - our world is taking a battering

Pupils Being Given "Patriotism" Tests in Washington State Schools - Children in Washington State are being given "Patriotism tests" which are completely unrelated to their studies. The paper gauges whether or not the student shows fealty to the power of the state and whether the student believes in the right to overthrow a corrupt government.

Castro welcomes Bolivia's Morales - Evo Morales, Bolivia's socialist president-elect, has won a hero's welcome and a co-operation deal in Havana.


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