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February 24, 2006

Askariya Mosque Bombing: Another Milestone on the Straussian Neocon Road to Total War - ...a religious civil war in Iraq makes perfect sense as the Straussian neocons prepare to attack Iran. If the Sunnis and Shia are busy killing each other, it will be more difficult to rally them to fight against the Anglo-American forces in Iraq, especially after the planned shock and awe campaign against Iran, now considered inevitable.

Phantom "al-Qaeda" Attacks Saudi Oil Infrastructure - The idea here is to barrage Americans and Europeans with incessant and scary imagery of crazy and violent Muslims and Arabs and, specifically with the botched Abqaiq oil refinery bombing—keep in mind that we shouldn’t actually expect “al-Qaeda” to bomb an installation so critical to the neoliberal profiteering scheme—threatening the oil umbilical cord.

At Least 3 Journalists Slain in New Iraq Violence - More than 60 journalists have been killed in Iraq since the start of the war in 2003...

Samarra is the new Fallujah - Resistance from Sunni Arabs over the last year has been fierce and the US 1st infantry division are bogged down in a bloody guerrilla war which is destroying the city. A seven mile long, five foot tall earthen wall built around Samarra by soldiers has failed to pacify the insurgency...

NSA expands surveillance of journalists. - According to NSA sources, the signals intelligence agency, which has been at the center of a political storm over President Bush's warrantless wiretaps of U.S. citizens, has expanded the surveillance of journalists identified by the Bush administration as alleged recipients of classified information.

AP: 100,000 ERRORS REPORTED ON SEQUOIA VOTING MACHINES IN PALM BEACH, FL 2004 ELECTION! - Audit Shows Electronic Voting in Disarray, Thousands of Re-boots, Re-Calibrations Required Throughout Election

Spinning out of control - The situation in Iraq? That goes without saying. No, I'm referring to the spinning about the spinning out of control...

Pit Boss:Blair's Dark Kingdom - ...the government of George W. Bush's beloved disciple, Tony Blair, is "persecuting innocent people, tearing up our freedoms and undermining the judiciary."

Air Force Plan: Hack Your Nervous System - The brain has always been a battlefield. New weapons might be able to hack directly into your nervous system.

February 25, 2006

TIA "Disruptive Technology" Subverting Bill of Rights - Echelon, Carnivore, Magic Lantern, etc., these are all "systems" designed to render our former constitutional republic into a sprawling Panopticon, or surveillance prison.

Who Benefits? - The most important question to ask regarding the bombings of the Golden Mosque in Samarra on the 22nd is: who benefits?

CONSPIRACY PHOBIA - Most people in the west have been programmed by media propagandists to react negatively when they hear the word "conspiracy." They treat anyone who investigates actual conspiracies as an oddball and call them names in an attempt to dismiss and discredit what is being said and what is being investigated at times with thorough and revealing research.

Don't mention the war: BBC plan for surviving nuclear armageddon - In the event of all-out nuclear war, the BBC was to distract the nation by broadcasting a mix of music and light entertainment shows, secret papers released by the Home Office reveal

Ford Motor charged as accomplice in Argentina’s "dirty war" - Ford Motor Company has been charged in an Argentine court with playing a direct part in the illegal detention, torture and “disappearances” of its own workers under the dictatorship that ruled the South American country from 1976 to 1983.

The Dubai/US port controversy: "war on terrorism" propaganda in hyperdrive - If there is a possible hidden agenda exposed by the DP World story, it is in the potential for US ports to be used as part of a false flag operation, or a "new 9/11," with "failed port security" serving as a component.

Soldiers Charged With Performing for Gay Porn Site - The Army has charged seven paratroopers from the celebrated 82nd Airborne Division with engaging in sex acts in video shown on a Web site, authorities said Friday.

Israel’s confiscation of Palestinian revenues: a brazen violation of international law - The seizure of the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) central source of independent revenue has left the Palestinian administration on the verge of collapse and threatens a humanitarian catastrophe in the West Bank and Gaza.

MAYOR OF LONDON SUSPENDED - This is a new one. London’s mayor, "Red" Ken Livingstone, has been "suspended." How the hell can a mayor be suspended?

Bush administration shields corporations from safety rules, lawsuits - Federal agencies under the Bush administration are systematically gutting state regulations aimed at safeguarding the public and consumers from corporate wrongdoing, while imposing new rules to protect private industry from civil lawsuits...

TV's Aryan Sisterhood - They know only one hair color: blonder!

February 26, 2006

The 1975 World Trade Center Fire - ...the WTC towers were well designed and quite capable of surviving a serious fire. I repeat that this was a very hot fire that burnt through the open-plan office area of the eleventh floor and spread up and down the central core area for many floors. This was a serious fire.

There is no Iranian "crisis" - The leaders of the former Soviet Union would have been envious of how the U.S. mainstream media fall into line on international issues.

Acid seas kill off coral reefs - The world’s coral reefs could disappear within a few decades along with hundreds of species of plankton and shellfish, according to new studies into man’s impact on the oceans.

"'Public Court" Holds Bush Guilty of Perpetrating Terrorism - Bush, who is scheduled to visit the Andhra Pradesh capital March 3, the last day of his three-day visit to India, faced charges ranging from war mongering and mass killings to violation of all international charters and aggression against sovereign countries.

Is the U.S. Pursuing a "Divide and Conquer" Strategy in Iraq? - Why wouldn't the U.S. bomb Shiite holy places in Iraq and shift the blame to Sunnis? Why wouldn't the U.S. want a civil war in Iraq? Hasn't the U.S. Always pursued "divide and conquer" strategies, starting with the earliest days of conquering the native inhabitants of Turtle Island?

When Uncle Sam comes marching in - A hundred years ago, the Americans also said they had only come to help.

Hunger strike detainee force-fed - The technique included strapping him to a restraint chair, feeding him liquids and laxatives and preventing him from access to the toilet and cutting off water supplies to his cell, removing towels and bed-sheets after turning on the air-conditioner...

Working-stiff as capitalist -- The hooey of the investor class - A week's vacation in Cancun does not make one a member of the leisure class. Likewise, owning a few shares of stock is no ticket into anything Wall Street would remotely regard as the investing class. But the Bush administration would like to convince working folk that they are in the club.

The Smoking Gun - ...at 8:30 that evening he was told "to stay in your shop and don’t leave the area" while Iraqi National Guard and American troops "patrolled the area until the next morning". At 6:30 AM the American troops left. At 6:40 the first explosion went off.

Diana driver was secret informer - The chauffeur of the car in which Diana, Princess of Wales died was working for the French secret service, the British team reinvestigating her death has been told.

Carter: confirms CIA remote viewing project. - President Jimmy Carter, in an interview with GQ, revealed the existence of a onetime top secret operation involving "remote viewing," the use of psychics in para-psychological espionage directed against the USSR.

Surprise! Bankruptcy filers really are broke - Four out of five filers felt forced to seek bankruptcy protection because of a job loss, catastrophic medical expenses, or the death of a spouse...

A Growing Afghan Prison Rivals Bleak Guantánamo - While an international debate rages over the future of the American detention center at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, the military has quietly expanded another, less-visible prison in Afghanistan, where it now holds some 500 terror suspects in more primitive conditions, indefinitely and without charges.

Iran-USA, beginning of a major world crisis - March 20 to 26, 2006: Iran-USA, beginning of a major world crisis, or "the End of the Western World we have known since 1945".

February 27, 2006

London Mayor Attacked for Opposition to Islamophobia - If the Jabotinksyites and Straussian neocons can effectively attack the elected mayor of London through the pit bull attack organization calling itself the Board of Deputies of British Jews, it can effectively attack nearly anybody opposed to their plan for Zionist supremacy in the Middle East and a zero tolerance for questioning the Holocaust Orthodoxy at home.

Olmert: Starving Palestinians to Death - It should now be obvious Israel fully intends to starve as many Palestinians to death as possible.

Bush in India: Just Not Welcome - by - Arundhati Roy - It is not in our power to stop Bush's visit. It is in our power to protest it, and we will.

Who benefits from an attack on Saudi Arabia, and the world’s largest oil facility? - What is left for the Bush administration to attempt, with the world oil peak's arrival? Could this be the time for Saudi Arabia to fall, or be taken?

ALERT: Setting Up a Nuclear 9/11 - The UAE Port Scandal Brainwash! - This is textbook false flag operations and we are now watching, with this UAE non-scandal, an effort to condition the American public to accept the next 9/11 cover story.

A Fool's Economic Paradise - Bushonomics has been the most destructive set of economic policies to hit Americans since Herbert Hoover. No, wait. That understates the problem.

Diana Death Investigation Confirms Evidence Of Cover-up - There can be no other conclusion than murder

US leader crashed by trying to "pedal, wave and speak at same time" - He may be the most powerful man in the world, but proof has emerged that President George Bush cannot ride a bike, wave and speak at the same time.

Fat Tuesday for Disaster Profiteers - As a depleted population struggled to celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans, new reports emerged about corporate cronyism and disaster profiteering under the Bush Administration.

Israel is liar, America is bigger liar - This is the truth about the present Israeli-American discourse. They don't want a peace settlement based on international law and human rights and UN resolutions, but one that would reflect Israeli hegemony, insolence and bullying.

February 28, 2006

Lies, Damn Lies and Poverty Statistics - How an archaic measurement keeps millions of poor Americans from being counted

Iraq occupation makes possible record profits for British private military contractor - Aegis Defence Services is run by Lt. Col. Tim Spicer, the former Scots Guards officer at the centre of an arms-running scandal implicating the British government in a military coup in Sierra Leone to bring to power the pro-British regime of Ahmed Tejan Kabbah in 1998.

Syrian Opposition: No Thanks to MEPI Money - Now that Syrian opposition groups have told the State Department to take a hike, the Straussian neocons may resort to more obvious and brutal tactics, as they attempted to do in Venezuela with an aborted coup and accomplished in Haiti...

Iraq: Academia's Killing Fields - "University staff suspect there is a campaign to strip Iraq of its academics to complete the destruction of Iraq's cultural heritage, which began when America entered Baghdad."

Senator Feinstein's War-Profiteering - This is Dianne "War-Profiteer" Feinstein's new pad in San Fran. Not bad on a senator's salary.

Sporadic Violence or Imperial Meddling? - Were the "grisly attacks and other sectarian violence unleashed by last week’s bombing"…"which killed more than 1,300 Iraqis"...merely a spontaneous reaction to the destruction of the Askariya Mosque, or were they part of a broader strategy to incite civil war?

Celebrity castigations a microcosm of the broader attack on freedom - This is a dangerous indication that our society as whole is systematically being deprived of freedom of speech and being coerced into a mindset that says those who question their government are traitors.

US "settles 9/11 detainee's suit" - The US government has agreed to pay $300,000 (£172,000) to settle a lawsuit brought by an Egyptian arrested after the 11 September attacks...

China's secret execution rate revealed - Death-penalty system under fire as academic reports 8,000 killed yearly

Terra, Terra, Terra - Cry terra and let loose the dogs of war - Never before has one word, or its relentless repetition, done so much for one man as the word "terror" ("terra" in Texanese) has for this Texan from Crawford that now resides in the White House.

Bolivian Human Rights Leader Barred from Entering the United States - Another Casualty of the War on Terror

This just in: President Bush more popular than Vlad the Impaler! - All is not lost, though — the New York Times can't help but find the silver lining in Bush's free-fall...

Bush Admits Bin Laden's Help Ensured Election Win - Can there again be any doubt whatsoever that White House terror alerts and Al-Qaeda videotapes are 100% artificially manufactured and released at the most politically expedient times?


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