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Archive for the Month of February, 2006.
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February 5, 2006

Election ... Democratic or Oppressive Tool? - Election is a tool often used to foment competition and violence among different groups (political, ethnic and religious) within the same people. Political capitalism uses money, military power, and disinformation to determine the results of elections. Through money votes could be bought, through military power people could be terrorized to vote for a certain group, and through fraud and misinformation the votes of "free" people could be easily prejudiced towards a specific direction.

Can the President Order a Killing on U.S. Soil? - In the latest twist in the debate over presidential powers, a Justice Department official suggested that in certain circumstances, the president might have the power to order the killing of terrorist suspects inside the United States.

Call For A Red Synthetic Terror Alert - by Webster Griffin Tarpley - The intense international intelligence warfare pattern mandates a move to red alert -- the highest vigilance -- for the upcoming superbowl Sunday in the USA and the Turin winter Olympics, and perhaps all the way to the March 20 opening of the Iranian oil bourse, which spells the beginning of the end for six decades of world dollar hegemony.

Neo-cons use Denmark as their latest tool to bring about the "Clash of Civilizations." - ...Rasmussen, like Sarkozy, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Netanyahu, Jack Straw, and Australia's John Howard, is marching to the martial music of the neo-cons. They are the shock troops for the Clash of Civilizations, Project for a New American Century, The Long War, A Clean Break, and all the other neo-con plots, conspiracies, and contrivances.

Why believe your LYING eyes - When you can believe the LYING media, instead.

Two Yemenites Dying in Guantanamo - Two Yemenite hunger strikers at the US military base in Guantanamo are dying despite their jailers" efforts to forcefully feed them...

Democrats on Iran - While the Democratic leadership competes with George Bush to see who can be tougher on Iran, it would be comforting to think that the more progressive Democratic base had learned a bit more from the invasion of Iraq than the leadership. Would that that were true. Unfortunately...

How repulsive is U.S. "foreign policy"? - This repulsive...

Chavez says Bush worse than Hitler - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez told a rally of thousands of supporters on Saturday that U.S. President George W. Bush was worse than Hitler and vowed to buy more arms to defend his nation as their diplomatic relations deteriorated.

Fourth and Long in Detroit: Super Bowl City on the Brink - "A celebration of concentrated wealth."

Does Britain's new weapon break Geneva Convention? - Britain is to spend around £50m on a new shoulder-fired "bunker-buster" to bolster the infantry's street-fighting capability. The new weapon fires grenades able to punch through reinforced concrete from a distance of around 550 yards.

Dude, Where’s My Advertising? 10 Disturbing Trends in Subliminal Persuasion - Some of the biggest advertisers are taking their advertising away from full page ads and television spots and spending up on hidden persuasion. You won't find these secret messages in ice-cubes or flickering film footage like they were in the sixties. Subliminal advertising has gone mainstream - fake news, mind control scripts, propaganda and stealth voicemail are in wide use by corporations, government bodies, and industry groups.

Iran to pay "heavy price" for nuclear weapon ambition: Israel - The IAEA, the UN's nuclear watchdog, decided on Monday to report Iran's nuclear program to the Security Council, which might lead to sanctions.

Clash of civilisations - manipulation by the media - How has the Pentagon and the CIA, together with its friends in Israel, managed to stir a clash between Moslems and the West?

February 6, 2006

Prepare for Perpetual War: The real State of the Union - The megalomaniacs who rule us have no compunctions about the brazenness of their lies: they don't care how it looks, how it sounds, or even, in the end, how it sells. They know what they want, and they are single-minded in going after it. The message came through loud and clear in the president's State of the Union speech: prepare for perpetual war.

Doomsday For The Internet As We Know It? - The first steps in a move to charge for every e mail sent have already been taken. Under the pretext of eliminating spam, Bill Gates and other industry chieftains have proposed Internet users buy credit stamps which denote how many e mails they will be able to send. This of course is the death knell for political newsletters and mailing lists.

Burning Down Danish Embassies: More Straussian Psychological Warfare? - ...there was no shortage of Danish flags to burn. "I raise the question because, as soon as the row about the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in Jyllands-Posten broke, angry Muslims popped up in Gaza City, and many other places, well supplied with Danish flags ready to burn…. Why were those Danish flags to hand? Who built up the stockpile so that they could be quickly dragged out right across the Muslim world and burnt where television cameras would come and look? The more you study this story of "spontaneous" Muslim rage, the odder it seems."

US bullies IAEA into reporting Iran to the UN Security Council - To state the obvious, "the world" did not have any say in the matter. Tens of millions of people around the globe, who opposed and continue to oppose the illegal US-led occupation of Iraq, are no doubt looking on in apprehension as Washington once again seizes on unproven allegations concerning "weapons of mass destruction" to threaten economic sanctions and possibly military action against Iran.

Lab officials excited by new H-bomb project - For the first time in more than 20 years, U.S. nuclear-weapons scientists are designing a new H-bomb, the first of probably several new nuclear explosives on the drawing boards.

Revote in Ohio After More Votes Than Voters Recorded on Diebold Touch-Screen Voting Machines! - Diebold Inc., one of America's largest voting machine companies, likes to claim that there's never been any substantial problem with their touch-screen machines in any election in America. You may not be surprised to hear that claim is patently untrue.

US Senate hearings set to cover up domestic spying - ...the Senate hearing will be a complete farce, and will not address any of the fundamental issues involved or lead to any check on the Bush administration.

Let's Rewrite History - A Proposal for an Investigation

Prof. Strauss and the neocon takeover - Who are the crazies? A militant, anti-communist group of mainly Jewish intellectuals who studied the Trotskyite, Machiavellian political philosophy of Prof. Strauss at the University of Chicago. Wolfowitz, Ashcroft, Perle, Abrams, Chalabi, Bennett, Ho, Shulsky, Khalilzad, Schmitt, Kristol, are a few of the invasion architects, intelligence crafters, torture lawyers, Iraq ambassadors and U.S. puppets who studied under Strauss.

Tax Shelters Disguised as Health Care Reform - At least 46 million Americas are now without health insurance. And most earn too little to put much money toward a high-deductible health insurance policy. With rising inflation the working poor and middle class are lucky enough to be able to save $100 toward the cost of their health care, let alone $10,500. The president’s proposal to "strengthen health savings accounts" is nothing more than an attempt to increase tax shelters for the rich.

Danish cartoon conspiracy - Although they deny it, the conspiracy clearly flows through a whole series of like-minded European editors, all of whom should be given a blood test to check for Zionism.

Connect the Dots: Alberto Gonzales Should be Under Investigation, Not Overseeing Them - Many moons ago, when George W. Bush, was governor of Texas, Alberto Gonzales replaced James Baker as the Bush family consigliere.

International Commission Delivers Verdicts on Bush Administration: Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! - The findings were based on five days of public testimony in New York in October and January. The work of the Commission brought together a unique combination of former government officials, experts in international law, human rights monitors in the relevant areas, and victims of the crimes under investigation. It was a Commission of great legal, ethical, and moral credibility based on its integrity, its rigor in the presentation of evidence, and the stature of its participants.

February 7, 2006

Police set for database of "innocent" DNA samples - Scottish police forces will be able to build up a database of DNA samples from people who have never been convicted of a crime under plans set to be approved by the Executive within weeks.

Hillary Clinton and the Neolib Gender Game - According to CBS, Americans don’t care what gender their neolib rulers are. No doubt millions of Americans will feel a tad better—at least in the short term—about taking their marching orders down the thorny road toward slavery from a woman.

Blogging the Hearings: Chumps R Us - Look, these ballyhooed Judiciary hearings into Bush's illegal wiretap program are just a PR clown-show from the word go -- literally.

March for Truth N.Y.C. 2006 - The phony "Left Wing" media are de facto Bush regime supporters since they refuse to talk about the massive frameup on humanity in the name of the fraudulent "War On Terror". It is time to confront these 'gatekeepers' who keep the reality of 9/11 from going mainstream.

A Berlusconi victory would be as damaging as was Bush's - In typically vulgar style, Silvio Berlusconi committed himself last week to sexual abstinence until the Italian general election on April 9. Unfortunately, Mrs Berlusconi's well-earned break promises to come at the expense of European politics. For a determined Berlusconi could well win himself another term in office.

The Crackhead's New Budget: $2,770,000,000,000 in Spending - At least street crackheads just steal radar detectors out of cars - not $2,770,000,000,000 out of the next three generations' pockets.

Indian Water Activists Launch Anti-Privatization Campaign - Water activists and non governmental organizations in north and central India have joined hands to fight water privatization initiatives by Indian state governments, oppose World Bank funding, discourage the $200 billion river-linking project, encourage conservation and provide for alternative water policies.

Exposed: the secret corporate funding behind health research - Academics and the media have failed dismally to ask the crucial question of scientists' claims: who is paying you?

"Dangerous" Academics: Right-wing Distortions About Leftist Professors - It’s easier to defame opponents using emotionally charged language than engage on real issues. Accuse them of being irrational and hateful. Ignore the substance of the claims and just sling mud. By even minimal standards of intellectual or political discourse it’s not terribly honorable, but it often works.

Hillary and Wal-Mart: A Love Story - ...Clinton served on Wal-Mart’s board for six years prior to her husband’s run for the presidency. She recently received $5,000 from Wal-Mart...it speaks to the incumbent’s close ties to abusive corporate power: her large corporate financial contributions, her support for so-called "free trade" (which is simply trade to benefit corporations) and her unwillingness to confront corporate power that denies every American, among other things, universal health insurance.

The Problem with Mercury - A History of Regulatory Capitulation to the Chemical Industry

IRAQ: Children’s mental health affected by insecurity, say specialists - "Children in Iraq are seriously suffering psychologically with all the insecurity, especially with the fear of kidnapping and explosions," said API spokesman Maruan Abdullah. "In some cases, they’re found to be suffering extreme stress."

Buildup to World War III - Objective: Seize oil fields and destroy military in Arabic countries.

Homeland Security seizing medications from elderly, former Customs official reports - Are grandma and grandpa now the newest targets in an expanding war on drugs?

Bilderberg Connection To Muslim Riots - ... Anders has been among the attendees at the last five meetings of the Bilderberger gathering...

BP annual profit hits record high 22.34 billion dollars - British energy giant BP unveiled a near 31-percent rise in annual net profit owing to rocketing oil prices...

DIANA CRASH "CAUSED BY LASER BEAM" - Diana Death Investigator's Computer Stolen

Chaos, fraud claims mar Haiti election - Throngs of voters, including many of Haiti's poorest forced to wait hours to cast their ballots, jammed polling centers on Tuesday in the chaotic Caribbean nation's first election since Jean-Bertrand Aristide was deposed two years ago.

Flemming Rose and the Straussian Art of Provocation - ...the neocon operative behind the cartoon scheme is Flemming Rose, cultural editor of Jyllands-Posten, who has "has clear ties to the Zionist Neo-Cons."

February 8, 2006

January Was America's Warmest on Record - NASA scientists recently reported that 2005 had edged out 1998 as the warmest year on record worldwide.

Outing Cardinal Egan - A priest's lawsuit alleges the Catholic Church is hiding pedophile clergy—and offers a stunning reason why.

CNN VIDEO: UN had foreknowledge of Beirut cartoon riot - ...where does one suddenly get thousands of Denmark's flags in Lebanon? It is quote curious.

Is George Bush Opening Your Mail? - Asked directly by the U.S. Senate, Alberto Gonzales won't say

Juggernaut Gathering Momentum, Headed for Iran - by Ray McGovern - What President George W. Bush, FOX news, and the Washington Times were saying about Iraq three years ago they are now saying about Iran.

New Evidence Suggests Muslim Riots Are Staged Psyop - ...the riots were a manufactured psychological operation on the part of the US in an attempt to enlist hardened EU support for a military strike against Iran.

Former Reagan Treasury Secretary Questions Twin Towers Collapse - Roberts' columns have been a consistent source of expert analysis and no holds barred commentary but he is yet to go this far in addressing the real culprits behind 9/11.

Bush Gets Deserved Dressing Down at King Funeral - It says something about our "democracy" when Bush can only face criticism in public as a side effect of his attendance at a funeral.

CIA Patsy Gets Help in Prison Escape - Be afraid of Jamal al-Badawi, al-CIA-duh "mastermind" terrorist—or interchangeably, dim bulb Muslim patsy—who supposedly dug a tunnel out of "a heavily guarded" Yemeni prison and made his escape, thus posing a "clear and present danger to all countries." As it turns out, al-Badawi received the equivalent of a cake with a metal file from Yemeni intelligence officers...

The corporate plunder of Iraq - The looting of Iraq’s oil wealth is unprecedented in the history of corporate crime...

Israel unveils plan to encircle Palestinian state - If the Jewish state were to annex all of the Jordan Valley, which is dotted with small settlements, it would leave a future Palestinian state on the West Bank entirely surrounded by Israel and without a direct link to neighbouring countries.

Addicted to Empire, Not Middle Eastern Oil - When it comes to America, Iraq, oil, war, and world geography, the really honest and relevant point regarding U.S. policy is that Uncle Sam is addicted to global dominance and empire.

"The Devil Wears Prada:" María Corina Machado and Washington’s Indecent Game Against Venezuela - As the Machado and Plaz trial proceeds, Washington will attempt to paint the deceptive picture of a Stasi-like authoritarian regime hounding the democratic opposition. A truer picture would find that Súmate has been operating in highly dubious legal territory.

Jack Abramoff and the Republican Black Hand - by Daniel Hopsicker - Millions of words have been written decrying Abramoff’s ruthless greed and utter corruption. But what has gone almost unmentioned...is the looming presence hovering on the fringes of all three major story lines in the Abramoff Scandal—the Indian gambling, the Republican slave plantations in the Mariana’s, and the completely unregulated and therefore to-die-for (literally!)casino cruises in Florida--of Organized Crime, or, as it is referred to colloquially, The Mob.

Bush Balkanizes the world - Paradoxically, Bush & Company’s relentless push for world hegemony seems to be Balkanizing the world, that is, splintering countries, regions, even zip codes, into smaller units, which are more hostile to each other though ethnically more homogenous.

Tough U.S. Steps in Hunger Strike at Camp in Cuba - ...guards have begun strapping recalcitrant detainees into "restraint chairs," sometimes for hours a day, to feed them through tubes and prevent them from deliberately vomiting afterward. Detainees who refuse to eat have also been placed in isolation for extended periods to keep them from being pressured by other hunger strikers...

Israeli art students who shadowed 9-11 hijackers were part of a major Mossad intelligence operation - The DEA report specifically concluded that the Israelis may have had "ties to an Islamic fundamentalist group." That group turned out to be Al Qaeda.

Ground Hog Day - State Department sees exodus of weapons experts - Looks like they are working from the same playbook. Replace the people with actual knowledge with hacks who will produce the data to support the policy, which is to bomb Iran.

Iraqi voices are drowned out in a blizzard of occupiers' spin - The deception that launched the invasion of Iraq now increasingly shapes media coverage of the occupation.

Proof Positive - Neocons & 911 - Branches of the US government, housed in the massive 47 story WTC-7 "representing your government and mine" were purposely destroyed. Those in charge of the crime scene, New York mayor Giuliani ("Man Of The Year") for example, prohibited any investigation. Instead the crime scene was quickly destroyed.

February 9, 2006

Canada: Harper’s Conservative cabinet—a roster of reaction - Incoming Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper has moved quickly to signal that his government’s lack of a parliamentary majority will not deter it from pursuing an unabashed right-wing agenda—tax and social spending cuts, health care privatization, tough "anti-crime" legislation, the expansion and re-arming of the Canadian military, and closer cooperation with the Bush administration.

Exxon: America will always rely on foreign oil - The United States will always rely on foreign imports of oil to feed its energy needs and should stop trying to become energy independent, a top Exxon Mobil Corp...executive said on Tuesday.

US plans massive data sweep - Little-known data-collection system could troll news, blogs, even e-mails.

FBI "gave prior warning to Britain about 7/7 bomber" - Further evidence suggesting that British security forces were alerted in advance to the danger posed by the leader of the London suicide bombers emerged yesterday.

Who's the Bigger Hawk, George or Hillary? - So there you have it. Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush, leaders of their parties, see eye-to-eye on the most pressing concerns facing the U.S. and the Middle East today.

Frozen Account Ruffles Nuns - The nuns of the Holy Name Monastery say they have been swept into the net cast by the nation's antiterrorism laws.

Some companies helped the NSA, but which? - Even after the recent scrutiny of the National Security Agency's domestic surveillance project approved by President Bush, an intriguing question remains unanswered: Which corporations cooperated with the spy agency?

State subsidy to Wal-Mart employees put at $12 million - The total was nearly double that amount if costs to federal taxpayers are included.

Lawyers: Many Gitmo Detainees Not Accused - More than half of the terror suspects being held at Guantanamo Bay have not been accused of committing hostile acts against the United States or its allies, two of the detainees' lawyers said in a report released Tuesday.


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